Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax)

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Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Its active substance is Azithromycin dihydrate.

Excipients: starch, pregelatinized starch, hyprolose, copovidone, crospovidone, anhydrous calcium phosphate, talc, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, macrogol 6000, titanium dioxide, dimethicone.

It has a wide range of antimicrobial action. Find out how to get Azithromycin without a prescription and what pros you will get if buying Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) online.

What is Azithromycin

European medication Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) has a place with the class of extremely powerful anti-infection agents. The activity of its dynamic part is gone for battling different diseases of a bacterial sort, including explicitly transmitted contaminations. The standard of the medication is to stop the development of microscopic organisms in the body. Under the activity of the medication, the resistant framework is fortified and the body seriously demolishes the rest of the microbes. It is utilized even to battle crafty contaminations of HIV-tainted individuals.

The composition of Azithromycin implies the components that make up the medicine. The main component of the Zithromax is azithromycin. It has the properties that help fight bacterial infection. Azithromycin has a complex chemical name – 9-Deoxo-9a-aza-9a-methyl-9a-homoerythromycin A. There is also the same substance in the form of a dihydrate. To create the desired dosage form, excipients are added to azithromycin. They are necessary for the drug to be stored well enough, assimilated, have good organoleptic properties and be convenient for use. Such substances are: cellulose, starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, dyes, flavors, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, and others. The list of auxiliary components depends largely on the dosage form of the drug (for example, eye drops or tablets), and to a lesser extent on the manufacturer.

It ought to be taken for the fast devastation of microscopic organisms, for example, staphylococcus; streptococcus; Pneumococcus; E. coli discharge; enterococcus; salmonella; shigella; mycoplasma; lagionella; gonococcus; Trichomonas; chlamydia; spirochetes.

What’s more, the medication can be utilized in maladies which microbes are delicate to the dynamic fixing. These illnesses include: angina; bronchitis; otitis; tonsillitis; sinusitis; gonorrhea; cervicitis; pneumonia; red fever; dermatitis, contaminated; urethritis and different irresistible sicknesses that are brought about by microscopic organisms.

Have you one of the recorded medical issues? On the off chance that truly, at that point you have to pick up the pace to purchase Zithromax. There are two different ways on the best way to do this. The first is to go to the neighborhood drug store. The second alternative is to go out to shop on the web. How about we have a more critical take a gander at the second variation since it is substantially more helpful.

Get Azithromycin If You Have One of The Listed Diseases

The mechanism of action of azithromycin is associated with the suppression of microbial cell protein synthesis. By binding to the 508-subunit of ribosomes, it inhibits peptide translocation at the translation stage and inhibits protein synthesis, slowing the growth and reproduction of bacteria. In high concentrations, it has a bactericidal effect. Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) has activity against a number of gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic, intracellular and other microorganisms. Microorganisms may initially be resistant to the action of the antibiotic or may become resistant to it.

It is recommended to take Azithromycin after getting a professional consultation. It isn’t obligatory to go to the hospital to consult a healthcare specialist. You can get expert advice online. Infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to the drug:

  • infections of the upper respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media);
  • infections of the lower respiratory tract: acute bronchitis, exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, including those caused by atypical pathogens;
  • infections of the skin and soft tissues (erysipelas, impetigo, secondarily infected dermatosis, common acne of moderate severity);
  • the initial stage of Lyme disease (borreliosis) – erythema migrans (erythema migrans), urinary tract infections caused by Chlamidia trachomatis (urethritis, cervicitis).

Azithromycin Side Effects

Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) belongs to antibiotics, which is used for the treatment of a rather large number of diseases. The drug is used in children and adults. Many patients take azithromycin and its preparations without a prescription, which is completely unjustified. It is very important to know the full information about this drug in order to prevent mistakes when taking it.

The name azithromycin is an international unpatented name. That is, it is the name of the antibiotic itself, its active ingredient. It is part of different drugs. There are more than 25 trade names for azithromycin.

Which Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) Dosage Should You Take

Azithromycin is utilized to treat mellow or moderate bacterial contaminations. It acts against different microscopic organisms, particularly chlamydia, hemophilic microbes and streptococcus. These microscopic organisms can taint the skin, nasopharynx, and lungs. Moreover, they can be transmitted through sexual movement and cause diseases in the genital territory. Get familiar with every conceivable situation when Zithromax can be utilized and what measurement can assist you with reaching the important remedial impact.

Please read which Dosage Can Be Taken Safely

Main Features of Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax)

Azithromycin is an antibacterial medication that has a place with the gathering of macrolides. It is delivered as tablets and gelatin containers. It is a powerful prescription that is utilized in the treatment of numerous irresistible and fiery infections:

  • Ailments of ENT organs (sinusitis, otitis media, tonsillitis);
  • Respiratory ailments (bronchitis, pneumonia);
  • Ailments of the urinary organs (urethritis, cystitis);
  • Skin ailments (erysipelas, impetigo);
  • Lyme ailment.

Why do most doctors prefer to prescribe Azithromycin (Generic Zithromax) rather than other drugs? The fact is that azithromycin has a high bioavailability. It is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. In a short period of time, azithromycin reaches its “destination”, getting into the focus of infection.

In addition, this medicinal substance is well accumulated in the tissues. Due to this useful property, azithromycin is prescribed in short courses of three to five days. And even after completion of treatment, the necessary concentration of the antibiotic will be maintained in the body.

Azithromycin and Pregnancy

Every expecting mom starts panicking when she is ill because not all drugs can be taken safely during pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I got a respiratory infection and the doctor prescribed me Zithromax. I said “No, I won’t take it not to harm my child”. But my healthcare specialist explained me that there are cases when it is impossible to treat certain diseases without the use of antibiotics. I found out that during pregnancy, antibiotics can be used, but only under strict indications, when there is a very good reason.

This is actually the situation that is written in the guidelines: “If the normal advantage surpasses the hazard to the mother and hatchling.” For any situation, this ought to be done uniquely under the exacting supervision of a doctor and, when in doubt, in a clinic (division of pregnancy pathology in the maternity medical clinic). Keep on reading to find out what impact Zithromax (based on Azithromycin) may have on your health when being pregnant.

Zithromax Generic

Zithromax Generic is an antibiotic that is based on Azithromycin. It doesn’t differ much from the branded medicine. The main difference is the price, which is twice cheaper. I have taken this antibiotic when I had an infection. Due to the fact that there are lots of antibiotics in the market today, it was difficult to choose one. For you to save time and not look for the answers to the common questions that may worry you before taking Zithromax Generic, I have included the most important features here. Keep on reading to make sure that this drug can help you to deal with the health problem you have now. Here is the detailed information on Zithromax generic, which I have gathered.

Azithromycin Other Names

Whether you have been prescribed Zithromax, Zithromax Tri-Pak, Zithromax Z-Pak, or Zmax, you should know that this is one and the same medicine. All of the drugs are based on Azithromycin. So, don’t feel confused if you are prescribed one of the drugs above but it is not available and the pharmacist will offer you to buy the drug with some other name. Taking any of the mentioned drugs, you take Azithromycin. So, learn more about its action before using it for the treatment course.

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